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What can the FAT * Unicorns do for you?




This is where the magic begins; based on your mission, the storytellers of FAT * Unicorns develop fascinating stories with, if necessary, a loud or "undercover" message full of exciting and attractive characters and wonderful worlds. From a "Long read" to intensive short, specially created for your mission.

story brought to life

After we created your story, it's time for our specialité de Maison; if necessary, the FAT * Unicorns bring the story one-stop-shop stylo to life through the vast network of story and design Fat Unicorns. From hilarious YouTube episodes to complete educational projects full of stories and illustrations.

Every story needs it's own Hero.

FAT*Unicorns/character development

FAT*Unicorns,  Lauwerecht 10, 3514 BB Utrecht, The Netherlands +31 (0)30 2270 315