One day, the famous restaurant The old Dutch Palace of Mirrors in the dunes on Dune Island disappeared. Authorities say it was due to a tornado, but the Ministry of Very Secret Affairs thinks otherwise. Together with Agent Denise, you get the chance to solve the mystery of The Vanished Mirror Palace.

Mystery-in-a-box: solve the mystery yourself

With the help of all the evidence and the secret agent handbook in the dossier, plus all the additional evidence that you get from agent Denise, you solve the case of The Lost Mirror Palace yourself.

Reading comprehension disguised as a mystery.

The Vanished Palace of Mirrors is secretly a great exercise in reading comprehension. And yes, we use the smartphone, tablet or computer, but most of the reading is 'just' analog, namely in the evidence and Handbook for Secret Agents in the folder. With this we think we have made a nice combination of online and analog.

Ministry of Very Secret Affairs: 

The Vanished Mirror Palace.


For children from about 12 years.

To play with 1-4 children.

Playing time 2 - 6 hours. Less suitable for parties, etc.

Smartphone, tablet or computer needed with internet.

Available in Belgium and the Netherlands.